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Beginners Guide: What to Wear for an Epic Mountain Biking Adventure!

Are you excited to gear up and embark on a mountain biking adventure? It can feel overwhelming with what to bring, how to plan and what trails you’ll head out on. That’s why we wanted to provide a list of the right gear you can bring on your first epic ride!

Tasco MTB
*Heads Up! This blog post includes affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase through these links, we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. You support means the world to us*

When I kicked off my mountain biking journey with Cody back in 2017, I was armed with nothing more than a borrowed bike, a helmet, some casual hiking clothes, sun glasses and a solid pair of running shoes. And you know what? That's the beauty of it – you can enter into the world of mountain biking with whatever gear you've got on hand. Who would've thought that this simple start would kindle such a fun activity to do with my husband? We all have to start somewhere! So let’s dive into it!

Helmet: Your Must-Wear Gear:

Safety first! Yes, you will need a well-fitting helmet to protect your noggin! Look for helmets with proper ventilation and adjustable straps. This is something you don’t want to cheap out on, especially if you’re heading out on rocky trails. There are so many options out there, and I currently wear a Smith Helmet. This brand is good for both women and men and they have a lot of colors to choose from! How fun!

Mountain Bike Helmet

Apparel for Comfort and Performance:

Wear breathable clothing to stay cool and dry. Consider a lightweight jersey opt in for mountain biking shorts and buy a chamois liner for comfort and padding during long rides. We love wearing Tasco Gear for our mountain biking apparel!

Tops For Mountain Biking

Our favorite shirts to wear are the Tasco Standard Drirelease Sessions Ride Jersey. They are so breathable and feels so soft to wear. Sometimes I forget they are even there!

Couples Mountain Biking

Bottoms For Mountain Biking

We wear the Scout MTB Shorts or the Scout Fantom Shorts. I like to wear the Scout MTB Shorts because they are a bit more durable and sometimes I like that thicker feeling. They are very stretchy and comfortable fitting. As a female I wear size 28 and they work great for me! The Fantom are a bit more lightweight and perfect for warmer temps or if you prefer to have a lighter feeling when riding.


This is the fun part! Tasco has so many options in the gloves they offer! There are so many colors and patterns to choose from. This is what will make riding run! And makes for good GoPro first person view videos!


The same goes for the socks!

Mountain Biking Socks

They have matching pairs with some of their gloves and they fit so nicely! At first I used to wear Darn Tough socks, but with my shoes, they were always so tight, so these socks are nice to have and light.


You might be wondering, what is a Chamois?! I never understood the importance of once until I started riding a ton. It’s a padded liner that you wear under your mountain bike shorts and this extra cushioning will make your ride more comfortable, especially on longer trails. It’s not a requirement, but it’s a must for comfort! I wear these ones and Cody wears old kits from his road racing days.

Appropriate Footwear

Invest in proper mountain biking shoes. I wear Five Ten mountain bike shoes that are discontinued and Cody wears a Specialized pair. But wear something that you feel comfortable in. If this is your first time, hiking shoes will be just fine! Cody’s shoes are meant to be clipped in when riding, but I use the Five Ten Mountain Bike Shoes because they grip on my pedals really well. If you’re not planning to be clipped in on your mountain bike then my kind of shoe is ideal.

Protective Gear

I like to be protected on my elbows and knees for a ride so I feel safe and confident when I fly down trails. Since the beginning I’ve always used G-from, thicker ones for my elbows and the thinner ones for my knees. I’ve tried other mountain biking protective gear and to be honest, they feel too hard and awkward on my body type, and G-Form forms perfectly to my body! Cody uses them every once a while as well.


Sunglasses with UV protection keep the sun's glare at bay and shield your eyes from debris. Clear or tinted lenses work best for different lighting conditions. Some sunglasses are designed specifically for mountain biking. Cody likes to wear Oakley and I found a great pair from the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival with Julbo! I honestly love them and love the look they have.

Backpack, Hydration Pack or Water Bottle

Don't forget to carry water! A hydration pack or water bottle cage ensures you stay hydrated during your ride. We have always used Osprey and their backpacks.


Accessories: Multi-Tool and More:

Pack a basic multi-tool, tire levers, spare tubes, and a mini-pump. These tools can save you from minor mishaps on the trail.

Now Get Out and Ride!

As a beginner, wearing the right gear can significantly enhance your mountain biking experience. Prioritize safety by wearing a helmet and protective gear. Choose the right

Couples Mountain Biking

clothing for comfort, and invest in specialized mountain biking shorts and shoes. Accessories like gloves, eyewear, and a hydration pack are essential for a smooth ride. Remember, dressing appropriately allows you to focus on the adventure and enjoy every twist and turn of the trail. So gear up, embrace the excitement, and let your mountain biking journey begin!



From 2020 to 2023, we embraced life on the road in our DIY sprinter van, The Desert Cruiser. With no prior building experience, we transformed our van into a home, exploring deserts and rainforests, seeking the best campsites, mountain biking, and living our dream. In June 2022, a new dream emerged — building a 2022 Ford F550 into our DIY Earthroamer. With hopes of future family adventures, we found our dream truck in Texas. We believe anything is possible and aim to inspire others to explore life to the fullest!

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