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We consciously work with companies that align with our nomadic lifestyle.

Partner With Us!

We post on our Instagram page called @thedesertcruiser to product product images, reels & stories to promote your company. Looking to collaborate on our outdoor-focused social media? While our niche is outdoor products, we're open to exploring various opportunities. Even if it's not a fit for our posts, we offer product photography and videography for your marketing needs. Let's create together!

Overland Sheepskin
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Enso Rings
Aluminess Exterior Boxes
Erem Water Sandals
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Sand Dunes
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Book an Exploration Call

We like to meet our potential clients where we can discuss project scope along with rates. Rates are based on Instagram photo posts, phone reels, high quality reels & stories.


Send us your product to our location.

We live full-time on the road, which means we do our research on various options to receive a package via FedEx, UPS, or USPS based on our location.


Deposit via Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, etc. 

We require half deposit down upon receiving the package.


Proof & Finalization for Instagram Post

We will post within two weeks of receiving the product & have you proof the description before finalizing everything. 

What To Expect

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