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Inspiring Your Journey: Van Life Insights, DIY Earthroamer Guides, & Outdoor Brand Collaborations.

Your Ultimate Destination For Free DIY EarthRoamer & Van Build Resources

Releasing our comprehensive YouTube build series, transforming our DIY Expedition Vehicle into the ultimate dream home. Additionally there will be detailed blog posts about every step of the build. Watch the series now!

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Serving You Is What Keeps Us On The Road

We partner with brands from all over as we travel in our incredible tiny home on wheels! Constantly on the move, creating a dream canvas for your outdoor brand!

Product Photography & Videography

Providing lifestyle photography & videography that is unique to your own branding

Social Media Collaboration

We work with brands on our Instagram that align with our nomadic lifestyle

Why Work With Us?

Endless access to outdoor locations

Quick project turnaround

Image License(s) included

Outdoor lifestyle & expertise

Brands We've Worked With

Front Runner
Tasco MTB
BattleBorn Batteries
Overland Sheepskin
Enso Rings
Ridge Wallet

Exploring Brands In Our Journey

Our journey has led us to collaborate with a diverse range of brands that resonate with our adventurous and nomadic lifestyle. We've partnered with companies spanning various industries, all sharing a common thread of outdoor exploration. From portable power generators that fuel our on-the-road life to outdoor gear that enhances our adventures, our collaborations have covered a wide spectrum.

Our unique experiences as nomads provide us with the canvas to authentically engage with brands. Each collaboration is a chance to tell a compelling story. Whether it's through short-form video content, lifestyle photography, or vertical Reels, we tailor our approach to match the distinct personality of each brand we collaborate with. Together, let's create content that not only speaks to audiences but also captures the true essence of your brand.

Van Life Our Story

Meet The
Desert Cruisers

We’re Cody and Christina, and from 2020 to 2023 we were living on the road in our self converted sprinter van, The Desert Cruiser. Thanks to sheer determination, with no prior building experience we DIY built The Desert Cruiser and lived life to the fullest out of him, traveling from the deserts of Arizona to the lust rainforest of Washington! Along the way searching for the best campsites, mountain biking in some of the most stunning locations and living life how we dreamt of for so long! 


But in June of 2022 a new dream formed, buying and building out a 2022 Ford F550 into our own DIY Earthroamer!

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